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A fabled land of immense diversity India remains as an enigma were landscapes, people, traditions, culture, cuisine, language….all paint a magical canvas every moment steeped in rich history, at one point as this land showcases the pomp and glory of wealthy and mighty Maharajas on the other being the hub of progression in South East Asia it depicts the marvels of modern civilization. This is where the superior form of luxuries blend seamlessly with the highest standard of hospitality.

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Bhutan, officially known as Druk Yul in the lap of Eastern Himalayas is truly a travelers’ paradise for its quiet natural splendour, beautiful landscapes, stunning snow-capped mountains, magnificent monasteries and fortresses, splendid temples and stupas, tranquil scenic countryside, green meadows with blossoming flowers and grazing yaks, and more of all the hospitable people. One of the happiest country of the world it is widely depicted as a modern-day Shangri-La because of its almost crime free status.

Be surprised by its carefully preserved culture and the traditional lifestyle which is still richly intact in spite of all strands of modern-day secular life. Travel the capital city Thimpu, meet Buddhist monks in majestic monasteries, trek amidst its twisting hilly slopes to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, situated 3,000 feet above the valley floor, or just roam around the valley thronged by traditionally dressed beautiful people. Also not to miss the religious mask dances or the folk dances, depicting a rich cultural heritage of this tranquil land.

Nestled between China and India, Nepal is a wonderful destination of highly diverse and rich geography, unique culture and age-old religions. The breathtaking mountains, valleys, and plains dotted its picturesque landscape and extend from the Himalayan range in the north to the Indo-Gangetic lowlands in the south.

Discover the mystic charm of this land while you trek the unspoiled terrain of majestic Himalaya with some of the world’s most magnificent peaks here. Alternatively, you can fly by our special helicopter to witness the divine magnificence of mighty Mount Everest. The journey along the route in every bend provides you some breathtaking views – beautiful forests, Sherpa villages, glacial moraines, and foothills. Go for rafting in the Trisuli, the Kali Gandaki and the Marsyangdi rivers. Take a jungle walk and enjoy the ride on the pachyderm through the jungle. Explore the exotic wildlife in the Chitwan National Park, home to 450 species avifauna and rare species of other animals including deer, sloth bear, leopard, and wild boar. Feel fortunate if you can spot the one-horned rhinoceros and Royal Bengal Tigers in the Park.


Situated by the Indian Ocean, the coastlines of Sri Lanka is dotted with idyllic and often refreshingly undeveloped beaches, while the interior boasts magnificent landscapes featuring lazy lagoons, fertile wetlands, ecologically wondrous forests, and tea gardens, mountains, bounteous rivers and waterfalls, and an abundance of wildlife. The heritage sites here from ancient cities to colonial forts along with a vibrant culture including fine arts and crafts, grand festivals, and most of all the hospitable people of diverse ethnicity ….make this oceanic paradise truly the wonder of Asia.

Stroll along its golden beaches or just laze on a sun deck reading your favorite book. If you love water sports go for water skiing, wind Surfing or snorkeling. Explore the historic city Anuradhapura, the birthplace of Sinhala civilization and one of the world’s largest archaeological sites. It is considered as the greatest monastic city of the ancient world, which was founded in the 5th century BC. Marvel at the rock paintings of the Sigiriya Rock, one of Sri Lanka’s most fascinating UNESCO world heritage sites.



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